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MSA Marketplace Tool Kit

We’ve put together a few marketing pieces to help you promote your brand on the MSA Marketplace. Here you will find a collection of email banners, social media posts and pins, envelope stuffers, sticker templates, and the MSA Marketplace logo. Some can be used as-is, others have a space for you to add a QR code linking to your page on the MSA Marketplace. Pro Tip: Add your MSA Marketplace URL to social media posts. This will link to your MSA Marketplace page so customers can log in and shop.**

If you need help creating a QR code, converting your .pdf images into .pngs or .jpgs, or posting to a social media page, see the additional resources we've included at the bottom.


Marketing Pieces


We hope that you find these tools useful in promoting your brand!

Have you promoted your page another way? We'd love to hear about it. Email us HERE.

Have fun!

Your Marketplace Team


*NOTE: the Image Editor, QR Code Generator, and Vistaprint links are provided for your convenience. There are many different online tools available.

**Click HERE if you need help finding the URL for your brand's page on the marketplace.